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Klein bottles 3D printed on a Tinkerine

Welcome to 3DNext

Both 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies are rapidly evolving, providing a number of new areas of growth for both businesses and educational institutions. As specialists in these technologies, 3DNext provides support to businesses, schools, libraries and museums looking integrating these technologies into their services or operations.

3DNext also provide services for 3D model indexation and organization, allowing for more efficient distribution and sharing of 3D content within larger companies. With the increased growth of freely available 3D content on the internet, we also offer copyright protection for your propriety 3D designs.

  • Makerspaces

    Our employees are makerspace experts who can help guide you through the many steps involved in creating a makerspace, such as equipment selection and proper health and safety processes.

  • 3D Scanning

    From equipment selection to training in 3D modelling software, 3DNext can help your business or organization move forward on any 3D digitization projects.

  • Edible 3D Printing

    Custom-made, 3D printed molds for chocolate, popsicles and ice cream. 3D printed chocholate and sugar. 3D printing offers a lot of exciting new possibilities for restaurants and bakeries. Contact us to get started.

  • Business Services

    Our numerous business services include: technology consultations, 3D model organization and indexing, and copyright protection for 3D models.

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